11+ Ways to Make $2000 Dollars Fast

11+ Ways to Make $2000 Dollars Fast

Occasionally, times get tough or maybe we have an unexpected household expense! Whatever the reason for needing the money, you are here because you need to learn how to make 2000 dollars quickly! Although it seems too good to be true, it’s definitely possible! I have a bunch of money-making ideas for you below.

How To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make some extra money? Sure, you could always ask family and friends for some money to help you out, but why set yourself up for being indebted to those you love? These are the types of questions this article answers:

  • How can I make 2000 dollars fast?
  • How can I make money quickly?
  • What are some ways that I can make money?

Heck, it will even answer the question “how can I make $100 dollars in a day?” Many of these ideas can work in a few days or a week if you really apply yourself. So, now that you’re ready, try some of these ways to make some quick cash!

My Favorite Idea: Get a Head-Start by Returning Products You Purchased

Get a head-start on your goal by returning products you’ve purchased. As long as the item is in new, unused condition you should be able to return it. Many stores even have a policy for accepting returns without receipts!

No joke! The biggest drawback to returns without receipts is that you only get refunded the lowest amount the product is sold for. Additionally, you typically get your refund back on a gift card. No big deal, you can sell gift cards online, and at many pawn shops! You’ll lose a little bit, but it’s money in your pocket!

Stores with Amazing Return Policies:

The below stores all have amazing return policies, but make sure you review them because nearly all of them have some exceptions (usually electronics jewelry).

  • Bed Bath Beyond – 180 days
  • Costco – Unlimited
  • Home Depot – 90 days
  • Ikea – 365 days
  • JCPenney – Unlimited
  • Kohl’s – 180 days

Hustle: Get Money Through Clever Side-hustles

You don’t need a formal business to get money with some good old-fashioned hustle. If you’re ready to get that cash, then roll up your sleeves, put on your smiling face, and grind out a hustle!

Start a Video Agency

Talk with local businesses and see if they could use video content for their website or installment loans Georgia YouTube channel. I often see people charging around $200 per video in some of the Facebook groups I frequent. But why video? Most businesses need videos for their ads on Google, YouTube, and Facebook. One tool I use is called “Vidnami” and you can create videos in minutes with it. Check out my Vidnami review to learn more.

Selling leads

Compile a list of names, addresses, phone numbers for people who would be interested in a specific type of business. Then begin calling a bunch of local businesses offering to sell them leads!

Also, don’t be afraid to go right to their place of business as it’s a lot harder to say no face to face. It’s a wise idea to first put together a good sales pitch in order to sell your list. Do this the right way and you can have your $2000 in a week! What pool business wouldn’t want more sales leads when they can make $30,000 on a single sale?

Repairing used items

I know a guy who used to have trouble getting work but still managed to pay his bills. One of his tactics was to drive around looking for discarded furniture. He would take anything (often furniture) he found, fix it up and sell it. That was pre-internet.

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