I’m not sure why you are accusing me of “defending Wal-Mart’s practices”

I’m not sure why you <a href="https://loansolution.com/installment-loans-de/">online installment loans DE</a> are accusing me of “defending Wal-Mart’s practices”

At a certain point a word loses it’s meaning, and it truely strains credibility to define “unlimited” as is done with the Walmart plan.

It’s not unrealistic because several other phone companies who advertise with the same terms, “Unlimited Data”, do not have those same restrictions

“Unlimited” seems to describe the plan fairly accurately regarding the types of data specified. It doesn’t seem to be stretching the meaning of the word at all.

So, you’re saying that their special definition of “unlimited” was given in the advertisement so that everyone one who saw the ad was immediately aware of what it really meant and that the word was not being used in the usual sense? And the “definition” was not just in the contract fine print? That’s not how I understood the situation at all. What is your source for that?

I read “unlimited” in terms of the quantity of data allowed, but perhaps some people such as yourself read “unlimited” in terms of scope.

Under my reading, the limited data types are available in unlimited quantity, and thus the advertisement is misleading only in the definition of “data”.

Under your reading, however, I can see how “unlimited” would be seen as misleading, since the type of data allowed is, in fact, quite limited.

If you want to look at it ignorantly, unlimited could mean enough bandwidth to open your own ISP and sell connectivity to your friends. Heck, you could buy just one phone, hook your massive multiple player game server to it, and host an unlimited number of games off of it. Perhaps replace your entire company network for 1000 people with a few cables and one phone powering all of it.

Mobile Unlimited? AHHH! unlimited on that mobile, got it. You can use the mobile online to obtain an unlimited amount of data, based only on the limitations of the phone itself.

Just like the old unlimited buffet – there are no doggy bags from the buffet, and there is no unlimited outside of the phone.

Why are some people referring to this as Walmart’s plan? Walmart is only the marketeer. Here’s a quote from the Straight Talk web site

They are a new Prepaid Wireless Cell phone company that is a joint venture of Walmart, Verizon Wireless and Tracfone. Walmart is providing the marketing, Tracfone is providing the prepaid phone software and the customer service and Verizon Wireless is providing the cell phone network.”

I’ve already said that they should have been more up front about their definitions

Let’s add to the discussion: For Unlimited to be truly unlimited, it would require the phone to be faster than all of the other internet connections in the world combined, allowing it to have actual access to all data realtime. So even on that level, the unlimited would be limited by the abilities of the network and the phone itself.

Mike, did you even read what the article you linked from PCMag had in it? “Users can choose between a $45 per month plan that offers unlimited calls, texts, and mobile Web access”

Mobile web access, aka access the web from your mobile phone. I know, it sort of knocks the story off the rusty hinge you tried to hang it on.

Remember Bill Clinton parsing the meaning of the word is? So now when I use the word data, I have to describe the context of data so people don’t think just any kind of data? yes, the internet is data so in a sense unlimited data would, to me, assume anything on the internet.

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