My friend is psychopath, diagnosed by me

My friend is psychopath, diagnosed by me

Ive known him for the last 15 years so im sure about this. He Lies, manipulates, his whole being is a fake construction, quotes and steals ideas from others, violent and aggressive, fights cowardly (kicks in the groin, unexpected headbutts etc), he steals (like “borrow without asking”), he calls himself “alphamale”, very charming and fakes his personality towards new people, especially girls, promiscuous sexual behavior, easily bored and needs entertainment or stimuli, drugs, lots of weed and alcohol, no remorse, lack of respect for authority. He says he hates violence, but is always up for a fight. If he cries it is just to win empathy, every move is an conscious investment with an self centered objective.

Life is a game for him, and the social scene is his primary arena. I see straight through him though, he doesn’t know.

If get up into trouble, he’s the guy to call. So I use him too, he loves to beat the crap out of someone with a reason which really means nothing to him.

I always thought my boyfriend was controlling, I found an answer I soon realized was beyond just controlling, I believe he is a sociopath. I’m not sure to some extent though. When he broke down he told me things that i never put together, that never made sense, made me question my sanity and the world. Now i navigate to these guys can see it.

But I see nowhere out there anything regarding how a sociopath who dislikes being one can help themselves

He told me something is wrong with him, deep down inside he hated himself, he new he was different from everyone else. He takes bits and parts of other people and turns them into himself, a mimic.

To me he is evil because he has hurt me and our daughter physically/emotionally

He told me he argues because he likes to, for no specific reason at all, and he makes up any reasons what so ever to make sure he wins. he knows he abuses everyone for no apparent reason. He does everything every website says. even claiming to killing people in the past ( I never believed it until I read what I read).

I can’t give up, I can’t. I want to fix him because I know he hates himself. No matter what guilt trips he puts me through, tricks and holes. I know he loves me, I am of no use to him financially and we didn’t start making love for a long while after we met.

He has had multiple relationships in the past, short period ones. I was the first girl he ever stayed with for a long period of time (he has friends and his ex girlfriends to back this up, so I know it isn’t made up to make me feel special).

I believe he wants to change. I am the victim of one of the most unique socipaths on earth. blah. nl00

My ex-husband is a sociopath. No empathy, abusive, made me question my own sanity a lot, very convincing to the judges, to the lawyers, to the psychologists, dramatic. I understand he has a problem but it doesn’t matter because he will never care about getting better. You cannot change a sociopath. You can not really love a sociopath because deep down you will not understand them or respect them. Yes they have a problem. So what? I just want him to go away and leave us alone. Luckily his recent obsessive behavior with his latest ex-girlfriend and his recent arrests may just give me a long awaited break full of peace and quiet. anon127

I see all over the internet sites and information that tell a person how to save themselves from the sociopaths out there.

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