I have been working at an investment bank for over a year in a niche coverage group

I have been working at an investment bank for over a year in a niche coverage group

A lot of the content helped me with interviews I am currently undertaking

Excellent for those who are motivated to increase their Excel functionality. The videos along with the step by step course manual, Excel practice sheet, and drills you offer allows me to learn the same material in more than one way which I feel has helped most of the material to stick with me.

This course has helped so far in my current position because already I have been teaching co-workers certain shortcuts and tricks I have been using. I have gotten staffed on two projects now simply because I can function in Excel better than others, and personally it has given me more confidence in my capabilities to work in Excel.

This course was exceptional. Easy to understand and follow. I now have more confidence in my ability to speak and understand finance.

Course was FANTASTIC. Content was clearly explained. Very, very effective style of teaching. I could say that the course saves a lot of time for someone who is deciding between this online course and a classroom-taught course.

The premium package got me my job. I have no doubt that if I hadn’t completed the courses ahead of my interview, my odds of receiving an offer would have been on far shakier ground. Thank you for creating such a useful and insightful course that cuts through complexity and simplifies seemingly difficult concepts.

I’m a senior actively searching for a career New Mexico auto title loan in the financial services industry and I have little experience modeling. I’ve discussed the course in two interviews now and recruiters love it . They see me going out of my way to better myself and set myself apart from others and that has helped me enter the second stage of interviews.

My main goal in getting the Premium Package was to learn how to build a 3 statement financial model. I have 6 years of professional experience in corporate finance but limited MA exposure and wanted to learn to build models for potential acquisitions.

I like the layout and the efficiency of the videos. It also helps to have the background on why each of the parts are modeled the way they are.

The program is helping me be a more versatile contributor to the finance team I am on and allows FPA to have more influence as we look at potential acquisition targets.

I think the course really wraps all detailed information of basic valuation knowledge with clear and hands on examples. Its really practical and concrete.

At the moment I’m applying for IB jobs and it has already helped me pass first stage selection process given the modeling skills learned on DCF.

I am currently an MBA student and I enrolled in the program to gain an advantage in IB interviews. I wanted something that supplements the core finance courses at my school, and that will increase my knowledge of the day to day content of an Associate role.

My financial modeling exposure primarily involved working with preexisitng models. I wanted to refine my modeling skills before recuriting for the buyside.

This course has helped me get prepared for upcoming interviews and case studies that will assist me in launching a career in the buyside.

Very clear and logical course curriculum with strong focus on accounting and modelling

My main goal was to become a more efficient and effective Excel user, and to refresh some of the concepts I learned in school that had gotten a bit rusty over time. WSP was the only provider I considered, the clientele of WSP speak for themselves and assured me of the quality of the training.

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